Sunday 29 April 2018

Bees and Books

It's a weird season for bees - a mini heatwave, followed by the return of winter. Our two colonies seem to be surviving - so far.
In January we used a new anti-varroa method which entailed vaporising oxalic acid crystals using an electric wand sited under the hive's mesh floor. This seems to have worked well. There was a heavy drop-out of mites. We repeated the treatment after a week.
Book events coming up are:
1.  A Q&A with David Grylls about The Essential Paradise Lost at the Chipping Campden Literary Festival on Tuesday 8 May at 10.30 in the Upper Room of the Town Hall.
2. A talk on "William Golding and Humiliation" at the Cornish Luncheon Club on Thursday 10 May
3. A Q&A on The Essential Paradise Lost at the Chalfont St Giles Literary Festival on Thursday 17 May at 3.30 in the Reading Room on the High Street.