Thursday 6 July 2017

Bees an Books

On Tuesday 11 July at 10.00 I'll be talking about The Essential Paradise Lost with Pippa Warin of the Arts Council, as part of the Dartington Ways With Words 2017. The venue will be the Great Hall.
Dartington is a surpassingly beautiful place, and worth visiting just for the pleasure of being there - let alone the events.
My bees are enjoying the hot summer, though I'm feeding them thin syrup (2 pints to a kilo of sugar) as they are not near a water-source and In Oxfordshire we are in the middle of a quite serious drought. One hive went queen-less a few weeks back so we (or rather John Heathcote, who was on the spot while I was in Oxford), introduced a new queen a fortnight ago. We are hoping the bees will accept her.