Sunday 17 April 2016


It was wonderfully sunny today (17th April) after a sharp frost last night. I went up to the hives at midday and found them all busily foraging. The colony bought from Paynes last year is particularly big and vigorous. Also very good tempered. i took the mouse-guards off each hive to give them free access. The fields around are full of oilseed rape, which must have been sown over a longish period, since some of them are in full flower and some just starting to show a glimmer of yellow here and there. i guess this means it will be a long honey season - provided the rain keeps off. The track up to my hives is flooded and has been for weeks. I have to wade to get through. It will be tricky getting full supers down unless things dry out. Fortunately the Cotswolds go from being flooded to being cracked and arid within a matter of days.