Monday 10 February 2014

New Book - and Bees

On 20 March Faber and Faber will be publishing my new book The Unexpected Professor. It's subtitled An Oxford Life in Books and it's partly a memoir and partly a personal account of what books and reading have meant to me. During the spring and summer I'll be talking about it at various literary festivals, starting on Saturday 22 March at 10.00 at the Oxford Literary Festival when I'll be in dialogue with Peter Kemp. I'll post later events on this blog.
The bees are pretty quiet and, I imagine, enjoying the mild weather. A few of them were flying on a sunny day a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately the hives are on a hill and protected from wind by woodland, but the bottom of the field on the way up to them is under water. I'm experimenting with getting my set honey less granular. If anyone has any useful hints I'd be grateful.