Tuesday 23 October 2012

Books and Bees

Last night, 22 October, I was at Brunel University campus for a debate with Will Self about modernism - extremely enjoyable - and met, among others, the brilliant Professor Akram Khan, Professor in Particle Physics, who explained to me - as no one has been able to do before - how one particle can give another particle mass - and with such clarity and simplicity that I felt almost understood.
The bee news is not very good. The hive I feared had gone queenless, and tried to save with a frame of brood from another hive, has died out, so I am left with two colonies until next year. However, the surviving two seem fit and well. I have given them packs of Apifondia candy from Thornes as they have had so little decent flying weather this year to build up stores for the winter. Both of them were taking in pollen in the midday sun last weekend - white and yellow, from, I think, ivy and Michaelmas daisies