Wednesday 24 November 2010


It was sunny on Saturday at midday and all three hives were flying. I took a quick look at the two that are being fed on candy and the bees are working their way through it very satisfactorily. I'm using a candy marketed by Thornes as "Ambrosia", which bees seem to like. Last year in the really cold weather mice or rats pulled away the hive entrances to try to get inside. This autumn I screwed them down, putting two two-and-a-half inch screws through the ends of the entrance porches (they are WBC hives) and into the landing boards. I've never seen this recommended in bee books but it seems to work.
Two Saturdays back I went to Liddington to give the Richard Jefferies Birthday Lecture to the Richard Jefferies Society. It was really heartening to see so many enthusiasts devoted to the memory of such a fine writer, who was also so deeply knowledgeable about the English countryside.