Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Book Event

On Saturday 12 September I'll be at the Dublin Book Festival talking about my Golding Biography and Lord of the Flies in a joint event with Declan Kiberd who will talk about his book Ulysses and Us: The Art of Everyday Living. It will (I think) be about the competing claims of Golding's novel and Joyce's to be literary classics - also about why Ulysses comes high in the list of books that people have tried to read but failed (Moby Dick and Proust's A la recherche are the only ones that even come close to it). The event is at 4.30 in the Pavilion Theatre Dun Laoghaire.
About bees: mine have left Apiguard more or less untouched, hardly any has gone down into the brood chamber. Is this common?



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